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Permission to Succeed (037)

We all say we want to be successful, but do we feel like we have earned that right?

Tools for Writing (036)

A lot of tools out there help you be a better writer, but did you know there are also a lot of tools that help you simply write the words? There are!

Review: War of Art (035)

All about one of my fave motivational books for writers: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield! It's not perfect though, so let's talk about it!

Think Big (034) 

I want writers to get clear on what "thinking big" means to you (bestseller? award winner? literary journal renown? mid-list lifestyler?) and embrace it!

Trust Your Instincts (033) 

What happens when you get in a fix and a story stalls out on you? Or runs away from you? Or forgets to that that left turn at Albuquerque? 

Why Are You Outlining? (032)

A deep look at outlining from the perspective of whether it is actually helping you or not, and why it is helping you (if it is!).

Trust Your Obsessions (031)

In this episode I talk about the value of your obsessions to you as a writer, as things that inspire you on a daily basis.

1 Million Words (030) 

1 Million Words! Have you written that many? Do you know, or are you guessing?

I Quit My (day!)Job! (029)

Herein I talk about quitting my day job — why, how, when — and what my plans are now going forward as a "solopreneur," as the kids call it. ;)

Out From Fanfic Course (028)

Here's the backstory of my online course: the idea that inspired it, how long it took to put together, and what I hope people will get out of it. 

The Hidden Life of Prompts (027) 

The value of prompts not just as "tools" but as little sparks of creativity! The discussion ranges from the inherent value of prompts to the different ways to use them.

Writer, Know Thyself (026)

It’s trite to say ‘know thyself’ with the expectation that it will automatically happen; it takes work. It takes VULNERABILITY.

Negativity is Bad, Actually (025)

"If you want to be a Real Writer you need to toughen up!" ...that's what we are told, anyway. But do we? Do we really?

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